Robert Fairbairn's Football Corner

A provincial look at Scottish football.


DSC_0042My blog aims to record the ways in which the weird and wonderful world of Fitba’ leaves its mark on me.  I will write on some of the big stories as they unfold but my interest stretches far beyond Joey Barton’s latest dig at Scott Brown.  Fortunes of the national team, excursions in Europe, the state of our game in the televised age, the occasional historical piece or in-depth look at a topic, and sometimes merely match reports for Motherwell (whom I watch regularly out of love) and Queen’s Park (whom I watch now and then due to proximity). Having taken the long way to where I am now (see ‘About’ page for details), I hope that my blog will provide a somewhat unconventional, sometimes humorous look at the nation’s favourite pastime.  Find me on Twitter at @Rfairbairn_91